At-Mooss Records

To compose the music in this album, the artist was inspired by "20 000
Leagues Under the Sea", Jules Verne's famous novel. The CD is an impressive
voyage through the adventures of Captain Nemo. In an admirable balance
between almost classical symphonism and Space Synth Pop, the composer
creates a music underlined with strong emotions and epic ambiences. The
music is very intense, with romantic, melancholic and also solemn traits.
The melodies are ever present in all the album, often with dramatic
orchestrations, and appear to grow little by little, in a continuous
crescendo that reaches superb heights. The rhythms tend to be based mostly
on powerful sequencers. Although the artist did not plan "Mobilis in
mobili" as a dark work, there is no lack of mysterious passages, where we
can, for instance, imagine we are descending into the impenetrable darkness
of the abyssal depths. In short, this is contemporany instrumental music of
the best quality.