At-Mooss Records

This album constitutes, in many aspects, a refreshing breeze within the current panorama of electronic music. Aside from the patterns that shape the structure of diverse genres grouped under the label of "electronic music", J.M. Ciria succeeds in impressing us with his music. The album is full of unusual approaches to these currents within "electronic music", The composer does not deal with just topics, nor does he lose himself in purposeless, useless experimentation. The themes flow around Synth-Pop in a natural, spontaneous way, with touches of Jazz, New Instrumental Music, Techno, Space Sequencer Music and Ambient. Although the stylistic spectrum involved is quite wide, the musical personality of the author throughout the entire CD can be clearly appreciated. The pieces are usually agile, dynamic, with sustained rhythms in sequencers and percussion. The melodies are intense, lucid, direct. In several passages, the melodies are developed by the rhythmic sequences themselves, something that in the background of J.M. Ciria as a drummer has no doubt turned out to be fundamental. Much of the music suggests exciting adventures, Other parts, such as for instance the theme "Sirius" show a highly successful romantic character. There also are passages that evoke the mystery of the indescribable, or the loneliness of deep space. In short, "Ylem" is an album that will not leave those who enjoy innovation in music indifferent.