At-Mooss Records

The band At-Mooss surprise us once again with an immersion into unknown abysses in the ocean of the musical avantgarde. The musicians utilize electronics with a great imagination and skill, drawing with energic brush-strokes a stage to let imagination run free towards life-and-death situations. They create an icy universe, with eerie yet wondrous landscapes, as well as zones of anguish and darkness. The six pieces, composed by Joseph Loibant and Air J. Mic, are each one a journey towards the unknown. All of them possess a decidedly mysterious, enigmatic character. Throughout the 64 minutes that the CD lasts, we can hear traits from styles like Trance, Industrial, Ambient and Dark Space Sequencer Music. Also there are passages that get near to Medieval music, others near to Psychedelic, and some very imaginative ones, too difficult to label adequately. The electronic instruments sound with unusual forms and therefore they turn out to be remarkable enough. There are slow passages with other lively ones. In the former, the structure is based on a dense electronic texture, in a permanent evolution, with shades of sound that change subtly second by second. In the latter, hard sequencer rhythms and metallic percussion prevails. Immensity is the concept that this album can evoke best in the imagination of the listener. On the whole, the work is like a collection of dreams or nightmares turned into music. "Cyclotron" is an album deserving maximum admiration, and one which constitutes a perfect example of artistic inspiration as well as technical mastery.