At-Mooss Records

At-Mooss is no doubt one of the most sophisticated bands of the electronic music currently being created. These four musicians know how to transmit best the belief that synthesized instruments not only have a soul but also possess an expressiveness and a potential which can hardly be matched. From the precise instant of the beginning of the album, we witness a display of creative, sonic energy of a high degree. None of the themes included in the album goes to waste. Using a wide array of synthesizers, the band takes us to journeys through regions near to Space Sequencer, Synth-Pop, and Electronic Psychedelic Rock. The compositions usually are warm, lively, in an atmosphere typical of a soundtrack for an adventure movie. Although the songs have a melodic make of a very diverse nature, the album maintains a vital coherence that contribute to enrich the At-Mooss style. Though there are slow parts, much of the music has a lively rhythm. The rhythms are usually based on the sequencers .At-Mooss prove in this CD that it is possible to maintain the spirit of the cosmic style in the electronic music of the seventies / eighties and at the same time make different things, risky and original.