At-Mooss Records


Joseph Loibant has a very personal style. His music is characterized by a great diversity of approaches, ideas and emotions. "Dual Phase" consists of two long compositions, whose stylistic range fluctuates between Synth-Pop, Techno, Ambient and Space Sequencer Music. There also are some touches of Jazz and Contemporary Instrumental Music.

Some passages are slow, and others possess a very agile rhythm. In the slow passages, the structure is fluid, not being limited to a few fixed chords, and the atmospheric environments predominate. The rhythmic structure of the music tends to be based on sequencers. The percussion also has an important role. Loibant creates complex and innovative rhythmic structures, that become perfectly fused with the melodies and the atmospheres. In some passages, the sequencers shape the melodies.

Some melodies are cold, mysterious. Others turn out to be romantic. Some of the romantic melodies are merry, even boisterous, whereas other ones have a certain melancoly touch.

The music has a pleasant freshness, thanks to the imaginative melodies, rhythms and ambiences. No doubt, this is an impressive album, highly reccommended to those who seek something more on the line of current electronic music.