At-Mooss Records

This is an album overflowing with energy. Tumultuous,imprevisible, even though under a certain degree of order, as if it were a tropical rain storm, "Random" takes us to a sonic adventure dominated by rhythms of a metallic, percussive nature. The music flows between Trance and Space Sequencer Music, with incursions into Synth-Pop and evocations of Industrial Music. The palette of sounds used takes somewhat unusual paths at times, which contributes to emphasize the individualistic character of this work, separated from the conditionings that are often imposed by the belonging to short-lived trends. The music is impetuous, risky, able to evoke situations where the emotions are given a free run and adrenaline floods all our entire being. Here the use of synthesizers has a very important role, and it also proves Loibant's skills to work the electronic sound with the same humanity that can pervade the performance of a virtuoso of the violin or any other emblematic acoustic instrument.