At-Mooss Records

The duo Program@ suceeds in surprising us once again with a number of compositions that turn out to be imaginative, fresh and daring. Starting from a general approach near to Synth-Pop, each one of the pieces engages its own way through the frontiers of diverse genres related to electronic music and general avantgarde. The wide variety of shades provides this work with a great musical wealth, yet without  it meaning an excessive dispersion, as the album presents a very coherent line, a clear reflection of the duo's artistic personality. Their musical ideas are powerful, crystal-clear, while at the same time leaving space for the listener's imagination. The rhythms are sophisticated, often with a percussion of a remarkable originality, which intimately intertwines with the melodic structure. The melodies, full of strength, range into a broad spectrum, from the symphonism of a space orientation to the incursions within the most electronic side of Jazz-Rock. There are passages brimming with energy and optimism. Others are hued with a romanticism at times subtly melancholic. Likewise, the themes and passages that explore avantgarde areas of electronic music are noteworthy indeed, yet the music never falls into useless experimentation, and it also keeps the artistic sensitivity at all times.
"Phoenix" is no doubt an album that will set an important point in the artistic trajectory of Program@.