At-Mooss Records

Program@ return with a peculiar production, after a long period of silence. Participating in it we find Jose A. Lopez and Jose M. Ciria. Their music, eminently electronic, makes deep incursions into Techno, Synth-Pop, Space Sequencer, and New Instrumental Music. Touches of Electronic Jazz are also present, and even come to have a leading role in different parts of the release. The nine pieces included in the album are of a complex conception, yet at the same time they are easy to listen to. The warm style of both musicians, and their virtuosity, make of the listening of this album a complete experience. Although there are some melancholy parts, the general structure of the work displays an energy that, not quite becoming euphoria, makes the music very dynamic. Some themes are slow, but others turn out to have a quite energetic rhythm. Ashes shows that electronic music has not abandoned the strength that characterized it in the beginning. Also wonderful is the album cover, which shows a sculpture by Ciria.