At-Mooss Records

Sculpting the electrectonic sound with a certain impressionistic air, Joseph Loibant gathers in this album the path of Space Music of the seventies, just before many of its initiators started to shape it into a metamorphosis towards more commercial, less avantgarde forms. Yet this is not a revision, but rather a powerful exercise of imagination to try provide that musical style with an evolution it never had before, building a sort of alternate reality where not only the main patterns of the cosmic trends continue to live, but also a terrain where the analogic and the digital are completely fused. In the technical aspects, Loibant has not despised any means to achieve this remarkable re-evolution. One of the most meaningful technical details is the fact that he has even made use of the audio signal processing by means of electronic valves. The electronic valve, a key piece of electronic technology before the spread of the transistor, experiences then an unexpected resurrection. In general terms, it can be said that the very soul of the music itself is the same that characterized the space trends in the seventies, when it was completely apart from the commercial constrictures that later would undermine many of its basic traits; whereas its body is made with the same pieces as the innovative nucleus of Ambient as well as such genres as Trance. The theme "Gorgonea Quarta" is perhaps the one that best reflects such a singular nature.