At-Mooss Records

Joseph Loibant paints with intense sonic colors an album of strong emotion. By using a sophisticated arsenal of synthesizers, he takes us to a quest dominated by action and risk, although it also has its moments of sweetness, such as for instance the track "Evocation Free", a warm ballad between Space Music and Symphonic Rock. The fast themes flow along diverse musical regions sited between Trance and the currents associated with Space Music as well as Techno. The melodies tend to range between the mysterious and the sentimental. Some tracks, such as for instance "Pulse", present an approach that at times seem to evoke extreme situations.The rhythms are ellaborated mostly with powerful sequences and complex percussive rhythms. Numerous artistic and technical paint-brushes are awaiting their being discovered in new listenings, therefore this CD, as is usual in the music created by Loibant, turns out to be a constant source of wonders and acquires new personalities as time goes by.